Every moment is a portal… …an opportunity to experience an unexplored part of now.

Have you ever traveled in a hot air balloon? Even though the balloon and its riders may actually be traveling rather quickly, relative to the ground, there is a perception of perfect stillness, because all are moving in perfect flow with the wind. These moments can happen suddenly in daily life. Suddenly, we find ourselves in perfect sync with the flow, and it feels as if everything stops and there is space.

I find this space, in which “I” disappear as a separate entity and grace carries me, most easily in sound/music, color, and scent. My intention is to offer myself in this vibration in all of my sessions and events, to bring a Space for Grace to you.

I offer individual sessions, groups, and concerts using one or more of the tools that I’ve learned over the years, including sound from crystal singing bowls, scent from the purest essential oils, all of the various voices that come through me, basic cranio-sacral and intuitive touch bodywork, and astrology.

I play in three playgrounds: vibrational baths, voice awakening, and music. There are many overlaps between these, and where I go with one person, a small group, or a larger group depends on what each wants and how much participation is desired. It’s difficult to describe my “work” (I’d rather call it play!) in words because it’s a physical experience that often involves altered states…the space for grace, the “peace that passeth all understanding” that exists at every moment within each of us. This cannot be described in words.

There is a page to “like” over on Facebook, at Space for Grace. All of my music that has been released so far is available at my solo BandCamp site, Wavegarden’s BandCamp site, and Deep Wild Stillness’ BandCamp site.

Please contact me if you'd like to schedule a private session, a group session, or an event...or if you have a question or just want to say hello.

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