New Moon Journey with Lion’s Heart, January 30

My time since returning from Bali in mid-January has been intense.  Seems like I’m being forced to slow down and identify what’s absolutely important in this life.  Although I love where I live in Cologne, I miss the natural sounds of Bali.  I did discover a wonderful web site yesterday, though, that helps a little bit with that.  My favorites are the jungle sounds and the Tibetan overtone choir!

Two times in the past week, groups have chosen “lion’s heart” as the essential oil blend to accompany their sound journey.   We’re all working on the same issues!  Here is the poem:

lion’s heart

Legacy. Long line. Circle.
Fierce strength yielding
to wisdom.
Open gives in to closed.
wisdom gives way
to strength. Both
weaving, trusting each
other. Here on earth,
in the heart.
Wisdom married strength.


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