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Okay, it’s time.

I’ve been talking about truly blogging for a very long time.  I don’t mean the kind of safe blogging I did up until now, which is some kind of formal reporting of events.  I mean speaking my mind, getting naked.

Normally I speak my blogs, to my daughters, my mother, my close friends…sometimes in response to questions during events or workshops.  This is okay, and yet, my energy isn’t as focused and creative as I have a hunch it will be in this medium.

I have many things to write about, and they will have to wait, because my first blog has already been written in response to something I just read online, via Facebook.  Here I go!

I love this. Thanks, Luz…and it’s interesting that it begins, “Someone dared me to write this.”

Why do we need to make excuses to express ourselves? I’ve read a few self-published books that are filled with “I am sharing this because the message is so important” or “People have urged me to write this down.” Perhaps because I have needed the same “permission slips” to show myself (to shine?!?) I am now sensitive to them when they come up.

Life is gorgeous and messy and, as far as I know, everyone here in human bodies deals with all kinds of emotions, desires, and conflicts. We also get to taste, touch, smell, see and hear a lot of magical beauty by being in these bodies. Sometimes can feel like a rotten tradeoff–until we consider the alternative.

I have no idea why I’m here…and I am, and I’m glad to be. What an adventure!

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