New Moon in Taurus–the Beginning of My Body Knows Blog

So, here we are, with the moon and sun both in Taurus, the ultimate sign for our bodies.  Feels like the perfect time to begin a blog with the theme “My Body Knows.”

Those of you who are into astrology probably know that today we have just experienced an extra-strong new moon, because it was also a partial solar eclipse.  A wonderful astrologer and friend wrote this morning:

Tonight and tomorrow–the sun and the moon are hanging together. Right now in the dark black sky, hiding so you can’t see either of them. It is called a double Taurus night plus there is an eclipse…shh, time to go in. Before you go to bed, think of a wish, a real one:
Like let there be world peace, no, that’s too big. How about: let me know love. That’s just easy. How about let me live the love of peace and sustain it no matter what life hands me. Good one.
Taurus the sign of stability and endurance. I want to love life no matter what fate dealt me. 
This is the best of Taurus–absolute loyalty. Like the northern star, Taurus is constant, never wavering from true devotion. A commitment to life no matter what cards have been dealt. Peaceful acceptance and sweet surrender…

Before I read these words this morning, I had already written to another friend:

Too often in my life, I have experienced my body as a hassle that interrupted my “real” life with its needs–and as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to the understanding that it’s actually the key to my intuition and a beloved support for my journey in this reality.

So, this topic is what I plan to explore here:  what does “My Body Knows” mean?

What does my body know?  
How do I know what it knows?  
How can I listen for its messages?
How do I feel about my body?
What is my experience of being in this body like?
How has this experience changed over time?

This morning, I’m full of questions.  And right now, my body says it’s time for some food.

To be continued 🙂

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