Last night’s full moon journey

Thank you to everyone who shared “Eine sinnliche Reise nach Innen” with me last night at Osho UTA here in Cologne. The beautiful blend of plant essences that was chosen was “Poised.”

The exquisite blends I use are hand crafted by Scents of Knowing on Maui.  “Poised” has been chosen a number of times lately, and its message is perfect at this moment of the full moon in Scorpio.  For those of you German speakers who don’t know this word, it contains several meanings and can’t be conveyed by only one German word.  These include “selbstsicher”, “bereit”, “balancierte”, and “gelassen”.  (More info about that is here.)

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is all about death and rebirth, and the light of this full moon is a reflection of the Sun, now in Taurus, which is all about our own values/our own possessions/our own beliefs.  When we see these in the full light we have the chance to throw those we don’t need, into the fire, to be reborn as something new and beautiful like a phoenix.

We are poised at the edge of something none of us understand, ready to fall gracefully into a new awareness of existence!

Here is the poem:


Balance off. 
To recover.
Balance off.
Falling, to recover.
Balance in falling:
Instant recovery.

Last night was the first public performance of my new song, “My Body Knows”, which will be the theme song for the new film “Monthlies“.  The lyrics are here and I will be posting more after we’ve recorded and videotaped this coming weekend.

Poems for each of the sixteen blends can be found here.  My next evening at Osho UTA will be on June 4.  I wonder which blend we will journey with then?

Much love to all,

Tara LeAnn

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