Still Stone

I’m back from South Africa, from an extraordinary trek in wilderness of the Imfolozi game reserve.  More on that soon…

Meanwhile, last night in the Buddha Hall at the UTA Institute, we traveled again with the essential oil blend Stone.  It’s always interesting when the same blend keeps coming up (this is the one from last month, and you can read more about it in the blog before this one).

Stone is about who I am in my unchanging core.  Who am I when all of the extra things hanging on me, like lichen, moss, dirt, and little plants are gone?

Here’s the poem, again.  Sending love until next time ♡


because it is our will.
Joined will.
Emanating will.
Solid in the moving fluid.
From this place:
clarity and direction;
in and out.

Sacred Stones


Perhaps it was the full, super-moon in Pisces, or perhaps it was my long absence from the Buddha Hall at the UTA. Maybe it came from the effortless feeling I have these days when I offer sounds. In any case, Tuesday night’s event was incredibly full–of stillness. Full of nothingness. Very rich! Thanks to all of you who came and co-created the space.

The essential oil blend chosen for our journey was “Stone.” This is one of my favorites. Some of you have heard the story about this one: when I first received the oils on Maui from my dear friend, Joana Johnston, she introduced me to them by letting me experience them without knowing which blend I was smelling. I got a blend one day that made me want to vomit. It was so intense! Of course, I was curious which one it was. Joana wisely told me I didn’t need to know, that it would be clear when the right time came.

A few months later, back in Germany, I was continuing to experiment with the plant intelligences in the blends. I chose “Stone” one day, and absolutely fell in love with it. A few hours later, I was on the phone with Joana and told her this. She just laughed and said, “Guess which one made you feel sick two months ago?!?”

“Stone” is about who we are, in our unchangeable, unshakeable core. At times when we don’t feel secure about who we are, or we don’t like ourselves, “Stone” can be hard to take. When we know and love ourselves, this blend is bliss-full. This is a perfect example of how plant intelligence can assist us in self-exploration.

Here is the poem:



because it is our will.

Joined will.

Emanating will.


Solid in the moving fluid.

From this place:

clarity and direction;

in and out.

I’m writing this from St Lucia, South Africa, where I’m about to follow Anna Breytenbach and Peter Raimondo on a trek in the Imfolozi Game Reserve focused on animal communication. Watch this space for blogs after I get back, in late September!


For our journey last Thursday night, the essential oil blend “poised” was chosen.


Balance off.
To recover.
Balance off.
Falling, to recover.
Balance in falling:
Instant recovery.

This reminds me of Laurie Anderson’s piece, “Walking and Falling,” especially this part.

“Poised” is difficult to translate into German.  Here are some photos that might help convey the meaning:









It’s about being graceful, ready for anything, on the edge, perfectly balanced, and waiting.

What comes next in this adventure?


The energy during last night’s “Sensual Journey Inside” at the Osho UTA Institute in Cologne was especially strong. I was fresh from staffing the Path of Love which ended on Wednesday, and the room, my bowls, and my heart were all in a super-charged state even before we began.  It took all of us quite a while to come back!  Thanks to all who joined me.

Appropriate to the Scorpio full moon this week, the essential oil blend chosen was “Torch.” This one comes up when it’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new, to let whatever we’re holding fall and create light with the flames as it burns.  A torch burns and creates light at the same time.

Here is the poem, from Scents of Knowing:


Consuming fire
fueled from doubts.
Held tight.
Precise fire. Burning.
Heart’s flame
The doubtless place.
the mystery
and the gift.

Wedding Bouquet Torch smaller


What a sweet evening we had in the Buddha Hall at Osho UTA last night…the group was small enough to feel quite intimate; in fact, I went around the room with the rose quartz heart bowl and played near everyone’s hearts, which is something I can’t do in bigger groups.

The essential oil blend we traveled with was:


Always there.
There always.
Comforting, filling,
The wind,
the sun,
rivers streams oceans.
Mountains of giving
in all ways.
Ease, the easiest.

Huge Tree!

Traveling with an Ally

Thanks to everyone who came to share the space in the lovely Buddha Hall at Osho UTA with me last night.  For me, it was an unusually light and free evening…bubbly in a quiet way.  I loved seeing so many familiar faces.

The essential oil blend that we journeyed with is called “Ally.”  Here is the poem, from Scents of Knowing:


Alliance joy betrayal
pain. Tenderness
guidance returning.
Ever so true,
in my heart.
I am always

Byronshire Tree 2006

 When I read the poem, I am touched by the last line.  Who is the ally who is always with you?  You, yourself.  No one can ever take that away.





Celebration into stillness…and…hallelujah, I got the blog posts to show!

Last night at Osho UTA, upstairs in the room called “Meera,” we went into a deep, still space together.

It was one of the most spacious, timeless spaces I’ve experienced in all the events I’ve offered.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated.  We created the space together.

The essential oil blend that we traveled with was “unfold”.


The lotus grows.
Its roots
stuck in the mud.
From this acceptance
come the nutrients
and timing.
then unfolding.
The lotus flower:
symbol of humanity.

(Poem courtesy of Scents of Knowing; photos taken by me in my backyard in 2008!)


Lotus center

Voice Awakening Playshop, 1 September

1 September was a special day for me:  the first time I’ve offered Voice Awakening in Cologne.

Extra-special:  my mother was visiting from Minnesota, and got to experience what I do for the first time (other than in her own living room).

11 brave souls took the leap into a day of laughter, movement, animal noises, deep relaxation, and self-exploration.

For those of you who came, here are the links I mentioned:

The short film about the laughing bodhisattva on the metro is here.

More information about Laraaji, from whom I learned about laughter meditation (and who is an inspiring source of wisdom), is here

Heartfelt thanks to Sarjo for acting as my assistant, and to all of you who helped interpret when my German skills weren’t quite enough!

The next all-day Voice Awakening playshops scheduled at Osho UTA are 9 March and 25 May, 2014.  I’ll hear you there 🙂

Last night’s full moon journey

Thank you to everyone who shared “Eine sinnliche Reise nach Innen” with me last night at Osho UTA here in Cologne. The beautiful blend of plant essences that was chosen was “Poised.”

The exquisite blends I use are hand crafted by Scents of Knowing on Maui.  “Poised” has been chosen a number of times lately, and its message is perfect at this moment of the full moon in Scorpio.  For those of you German speakers who don’t know this word, it contains several meanings and can’t be conveyed by only one German word.  These include “selbstsicher”, “bereit”, “balancierte”, and “gelassen”.  (More info about that is here.)

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is all about death and rebirth, and the light of this full moon is a reflection of the Sun, now in Taurus, which is all about our own values/our own possessions/our own beliefs.  When we see these in the full light we have the chance to throw those we don’t need, into the fire, to be reborn as something new and beautiful like a phoenix.

We are poised at the edge of something none of us understand, ready to fall gracefully into a new awareness of existence!

Here is the poem:


Balance off. 
To recover.
Balance off.
Falling, to recover.
Balance in falling:
Instant recovery.

Last night was the first public performance of my new song, “My Body Knows”, which will be the theme song for the new film “Monthlies“.  The lyrics are here and I will be posting more after we’ve recorded and videotaped this coming weekend.

Poems for each of the sixteen blends can be found here.  My next evening at Osho UTA will be on June 4.  I wonder which blend we will journey with then?

Much love to all,

Tara LeAnn