Perhaps it was the full, super-moon in Pisces, or perhaps it was my long absence from the Buddha Hall at the UTA. Maybe it came from the effortless feeling I have these days when I offer sounds. In any case, Tuesday night’s event was incredibly full–of stillness. Full of nothingness. Very rich! Thanks to all of you who came and co-created the space.

The essential oil blend chosen for our journey was “Stone.” This is one of my favorites. Some of you have heard the story about this one: when I first received the oils on Maui from my dear friend, Joana Johnston, she introduced me to them by letting me experience them without knowing which blend I was smelling. I got a blend one day that made me want to vomit. It was so intense! Of course, I was curious which one it was. Joana wisely told me I didn’t need to know, that it would be clear when the right time came.

A few months later, back in Germany, I was continuing to experiment with the plant intelligences in the blends. I chose “Stone” one day, and absolutely fell in love with it. A few hours later, I was on the phone with Joana and told her this. She just laughed and said, “Guess which one made you feel sick two months ago?!?”

“Stone” is about who we are, in our unchangeable, unshakeable core. At times when we don’t feel secure about who we are, or we don’t like ourselves, “Stone” can be hard to take. When we know and love ourselves, this blend is bliss-full. This is a perfect example of how plant intelligence can assist us in self-exploration.

Here is the poem:



because it is our will.

Joined will.

Emanating will.


Solid in the moving fluid.

From this place:

clarity and direction;

in and out.

I’m writing this from St Lucia, South Africa, where I’m about to¬†follow Anna Breytenbach and Peter Raimondo on a trek in the Imfolozi Game Reserve focused on animal communication. Watch this space for blogs after I get back, in late September!

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