Sofa Hangouts with Simon Paul Sutton

I “sat” with Simon Paul Sutton at his “Sofa Hangout” via Google+ on July 4 and 11.

In the first session, we discussed voice, individual freedom, aspects of our search for truth about reality, and many other topics.  For those of you who’d like to hear a couple of my unreleased songs, at 34:00 I sang “Nothing Personal” and at 1:07:00 I sang “The Language of One” and finished with sound from the 19″ Aqua Gold alchemy bowl.

In the second, shorter session, we talked about the film “Monthlies,” and how much difference a positive image about menstruation makes for girls and women in our lives.

Thanks, Simon, for all of the love you pour into every one of your many projects!

Traveling with an Ally

Thanks to everyone who came to share the space in the lovely Buddha Hall at Osho UTA with me last night.  For me, it was an unusually light and free evening…bubbly in a quiet way.  I loved seeing so many familiar faces.

The essential oil blend that we journeyed with is called “Ally.”  Here is the poem, from Scents of Knowing:


Alliance joy betrayal
pain. Tenderness
guidance returning.
Ever so true,
in my heart.
I am always

Byronshire Tree 2006

 When I read the poem, I am touched by the last line.  Who is the ally who is always with you?  You, yourself.  No one can ever take that away.