Sofa Hangouts with Simon Paul Sutton

I “sat” with Simon Paul Sutton at his “Sofa Hangout” via Google+ on July 4 and 11.

In the first session, we discussed voice, individual freedom, aspects of our search for truth about reality, and many other topics.  For those of you who’d like to hear a couple of my unreleased songs, at 34:00 I sang “Nothing Personal” and at 1:07:00 I sang “The Language of One” and finished with sound from the 19″ Aqua Gold alchemy bowl.

In the second, shorter session, we talked about the film “Monthlies,” and how much difference a positive image about menstruation makes for girls and women in our lives.

Thanks, Simon, for all of the love you pour into every one of your many projects!

A day of voice awakening

It was a beautiful day in every way yesterday.  We laughed, we wiggled, we made animal noises, we cried, we bathed in the scent and sound, and we sang.  And during our lunch break, we all went outside and enjoyed sunshine and 19˚ C!

One of the most beautiful moments of the whole day came when the whole group was making sounds along with me and the sound from the crystal singing bowls.  It was so beautiful and so harmonious–incredible that a group of fifteen people could spontaneously create such a gorgeous soundscape.  I wish you all could have heard it from my perspective, right in the center!

I’ve promised to send participants a number of links, and here they are.  The exquisite essential oil blends that I use are from Scents of Knowing on Maui.  Each participant received one of the sixteen blends to accompany him or her along with the sound from the alchemy crystal singing bowls and my voice.  We warmed up with some laughter meditation that I learned from my beautiful friend, Laraaji Nadabrahmananda.  Before we began, and during some of our breaks, our background music was the sounds of the Gubal® CD that comes with the book, “hang: sound sculpture” by Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner, the creators of the Hang®.

Thank you so much, all of you beautiful souls who came with me on our exploration yesterday.  It was a great blessing to spend the day with you as my playmates!  I’m looking forward to the next Voice Awakening day on Sunday, May 25!

My next event is already tomorrow night:  Eine sinnliche Reise nach Innen (A Sensual Journey Inside).  See you there ♡

Voice Awakening Playshop, 1 September

1 September was a special day for me:  the first time I’ve offered Voice Awakening in Cologne.

Extra-special:  my mother was visiting from Minnesota, and got to experience what I do for the first time (other than in her own living room).

11 brave souls took the leap into a day of laughter, movement, animal noises, deep relaxation, and self-exploration.

For those of you who came, here are the links I mentioned:

The short film about the laughing bodhisattva on the metro is here.

More information about Laraaji, from whom I learned about laughter meditation (and who is an inspiring source of wisdom), is here

Heartfelt thanks to Sarjo for acting as my assistant, and to all of you who helped interpret when my German skills weren’t quite enough!

The next all-day Voice Awakening playshops scheduled at Osho UTA are 9 March and 25 May, 2014.  I’ll hear you there 🙂