The energy during last night’s “Sensual Journey Inside” at the Osho UTA Institute in Cologne was especially strong. I was fresh from staffing the Path of Love which ended on Wednesday, and the room, my bowls, and my heart were all in a super-charged state even before we began.  It took all of us quite a while to come back!  Thanks to all who joined me.

Appropriate to the Scorpio full moon this week, the essential oil blend chosen was “Torch.” This one comes up when it’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new, to let whatever we’re holding fall and create light with the flames as it burns.  A torch burns and creates light at the same time.

Here is the poem, from Scents of Knowing:


Consuming fire
fueled from doubts.
Held tight.
Precise fire. Burning.
Heart’s flame
The doubtless place.
the mystery
and the gift.

Wedding Bouquet Torch smaller

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